Failsafe sausages


Sausages e.g. beef, lamb or chicken, not pork - ask your specialist butcher if he will make up the Failsafe Sausages recipe in all my books or below.

Sausage casings are permitted to contain sulphite preservatives at the same level as sausages. Since sausage casings are such a small component of a sausage, and being on the outside of the sausage are subjected to the highest heat which will drive off sulphites, it is likely that these pose little risk to failsafers.

A recipe for your butcher for 10 kg of sausages

650 g rice flour (2 kg for 30 kg)
3 leeks (10 leeks for 30 kg)
1 clove garlic (3 for 30 kg) or more to taste
½ cup salt (1½ cups for 30 kg)
Make up to 10 kg with fresh minced beef or chicken

Warning: NO other ingredients – ask your butcher to NOT add MSG, pepper, herbs, spices or flavours

If your butcher won't make failsafe sausages, make your own with this simple recipe in foil. (If you have a Thermomix you can use cubed meat and the Thermomix will quickly turn all the ingredients into sausage mince - we've just bought one, and my only regret is that I didn't buy it years ago,

Search by postcode for butchers who will make sausages to order.

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